“Books invite all; they constrain none.” Hartley Burr Alexander

Peachy Books is a medium for connection through the art of words. This is a place where we can share in what we love, learn, and dissect from books. We all have opinions, and I’m interested in hearing about yours. I have friends whom I don’t agree with on everything, but because we respect each other by listening to each other, we get along great! I’d like for this blog to work in the same way. It would be rather tedious if everyone were the same, I’d assume.

With a passion for authenticity, I don’t shy away from uncomfortable topics, and encourage constructive dialogue, where everyone has a voice, and all are welcome! When people are honest, and leave themselves available to be vulnerable, that’s when the magic happens. Sincerely participating in good faith discussions about difficult topics can promote understanding, and advance acceptance of the ‘other.’ Listening to what the other person thinks, and in turn, validating our fellow (wo)man.

The comment sections of my posts are a place where I hope to get to know you better, where we can play with ideas, celebrate positivity and sometimes even commiserate. So don’t hesitate to say hello and take part in our discussions, because regardless of your point of view, I’m so pleased you’re here.

I intend to publish a book review every week, along with book related art, cookbook trials, and bookish blog posts. I hope you’ll enjoy the posts as much as I’ll enjoy making them. If you have your own blog and would like to share it, please do so in the comment sections, and I’ll be thrilled to visit and say hello!

Visit my About Me page to learn more.

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