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The Cookery

Welcome to The Cookery. Not unlike crochet and reading, cooking and baking have helped soothe my soul along this journey through life. In this section of Peachy Books I am so excited to perform trials of cookbooks – so you can better decide how to spend that big cookbook money – and share some of my favourite recipes for you to explore!

Dinner time is a chance to enjoy delicious food and relax with family (except for the whole cooking the meal and washing the dishes thing, but shhh,) so I will be sure to include what my gents think of the various recipes I stir up. With a seven year old ‘particular’ lad and a partner who will eat just about anything, I have two very different ends of the spectrum at my table. With tips, tricks, working photos, and a spotlight on the finished product, I will share with you all that makes up the delectably delicious recipes that I will be serving up to my family.

I am really excited to look at different themes and cultures when choosing the cookbooks I’ll be reviewing, and would love any suggestions or information that my international readers could offer. Don’t forget to post photos of your finished products, if you decided to take part in the making of these tasty treats!