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Peachy Books’ First Blog Post

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Let’s Do This!

I’m thrilled you’re here and reading the first official Peachy Books post! Reading, writing, and connecting, that’s what this blog is all about; a place for story lovers. I am a lover of imagination and crawling around inside the recesses of an author’s mind. Burying my head in another world to escape has been at times imperative in my life, this pandemic being no exception. It’s even helped me quit smoking by replacing cigarettes with books. We won’t discuss which is the more expensive of the habits (eh em.) Instead of escaping to the backyard into a cloud of toxins, now, I spread out on a recliner and take my break in unknown and exciting places.

Reading is a passion I’ve held for most of my life, and has been a saviour, time and again. I will forever be indebted to every author that shared their gift of words, which collectively became the lifesaver that offered me buoyancy, as I floundered and felt I might drown. I trust that this blog will in some ways serve to be a personal homage to them, and all of the talented artists that have inspired me to keep hope a part of my story.

Writing is something I’ve always felt compelled to do, and even as a young child, I remember taking notes of what I would write for my ‘life story’ one day. This blog is a great way to practice my writing and find my literary voice. So, that’s what I’m hear to do: mesh together my love of two worlds, and meet fascinating people to talk about what comes of it.

About a decade ago, after having married my husband, I had a book review collection on blogspot for a fleeting minute. It was only a hobby and I didn’t take it too seriously. I hadn’t the time to commit to building and maintaining a successful website. Instead I put the idea on hold and pursued other exciting adventures, like having my son.

After an arduous struggle to get pregnant, which I’m sure I will get into at some level in future posts, I was fortunate enough to have my darling son. With the lessons I’ve learned whilst raising him, I have formed a deeper understanding of the things that are important to me. I am hopeful that through reading and discussing books with readers of my blog, I will be able to learn from others, as well as share my thoughts, in the hopes of helping them to do the same.

Please join me in my appreciation of all things literary, with book reviews, book-related art, crochet bookmarks and more! I enjoy discussing favourites, receiving recommendations, and learning from others all over the world, as we share in our love of reading.

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