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Musical Mondays | Alice Phoebe Lou

Summer 2020 was a difficult time for me, you, and the rest of the planet. I spent the entirety of March through May isolated in our home with my son and husband, minus our daily lunchtime walks in the neighbourhood. 

To be clear, I love my husband and son more than anyone or anything in this world, and there are no two people I would rather be with for days on end, but being trapped indoors with anyone for three months straight (now it has been two years) is bound to wear on an already stress addled mind.

One of my only means of escape that summer was to listen to music in my backyard, pacing the perimeter of the house, or sometimes after a few beverages, dancing with only my JBL speaker for a partner.

As has been my coping strategy during times of despair in my life, I eked out some joy by discovering new music, emotional lyrics, and powerful artists. 

I stumbled across Alice Phoebe Lou’s She, not a moment too soon, finding the piece that would lift me up and out of my Co vid prison. Her animal-like moans of anguish and release had me soaring through the open skies of freedom and possibility, even if only for 5 minutes and 24 seconds at a time, musical catharsis having saved the day once again. 

I survived that lockdown summer by living vicariously through this song, dancing like a whirling dervish, and trying to be grateful for all that I had when so many others were struggling in far worse ways than my mental health forced on me.

They may take away our jobs, our houses, destroy our family bonds and our Charter of Rights, but as long as we have minds to produce lyrics and voices to sing, they will never take away our music.

Enjoy the live performance of She that kept me afloat whilst a desire to drown had me nearly swept away with the undertow.

Were there any songs that helped you get through the dark days of the Pandemic?

Was isolation a problem for you and your loved ones?