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A Hunter-Gatherer’s Guide To The 21st Century: Evolution And The Challenges Of Modern Life

A Peachy Books MEme Collection in appreciation of Heather Heying, Bret Weinstein and the DarkHorse Podcast

Excited to have received this long-awaited book written by two of my favourite evolutionary biologists Heather Heying and Bret Weinstein. Listening to their DarkHorse Duo podcast has been one of the few highlights of Pandemic life, so I’m thrilled to dive deeper into their sensible theories. Check out the first line of the book here.

Passionately in agreement with this sentiment exposing the necessity of grit and determination in the face of adversity, and the unknown.

For us to continue to evolve we must never cease to push ourselves and resist the forces of nature that strive to produce the opposite result.

Gaslighting and planned obsolescence are the main devious themes of these modern times, in my view, and for them to be effective our society is kept insecure and dependent on that which seeks its destruction.

In order to trust that someone is truly an authority on something, we must insist on data, transparency, and humility as a standard.

As goes the trajectory of any healthy bond, my trust for Bret and Heather has been built over time. Their willingness to immediately correct anything they’ve said that has turned out to be false is one of the traits that has solidified my loyalty, and is something unseen by any authorities in the mainstream.

Emotions and moods are the most fundamental of human experiences, not to be shamed nor denied, but instead processed and appreciated for what they tell us about ourselves.

In a society so quick to accept a prescription, it’s refreshing to think of people finding other means to mental health and wellness, with accepted compassion and understanding for their dark parts.

In this clip from the DarkHorse Duo podcast #115 from three weeks ago, Bret and Heather discuss the anti-mandate trucker convoy in Canada, and how the anti-scientific push to enforce this medical procedure is creating the two-tier society we find ourselves in today.

Can you relate with any of the above quotations from

The Hunter-Gatherer’s Guide to the 21st Century?