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The Cookery: Peachy Books Sorbet

Today I am posting about a boy, not a book.

Cooking is an activity that I’d shared with my son as soon as he could stir with a wooden spoon. I was hopeful that he would develop a fondness for nurturing through food, as I have, but more importantly, it was a way to keep him busy and out of trouble! 

As luck (or mirroring?) would have it, the Li’l Peach developed a similar coping mechanism for these long and lonely Covid-summer months and decided to learn to cook independently! Such sweet music to my busy ears, especially since we have made a deal that sees him clean the dishes he uses afterward. 😉

With signs donning our walls advertising his ‘MD Diner,’ we have had a delectably delicious time tasting his wares in exchange for the loose change in our wallets.

It is such a joy to watch his confidence soar as he pulls off the recipes he attempts with gusto and finesse. 

For the past few days, he has been treating us to Greek Week. He started with some scrumptious Koulourakia (twisted sugar cookies) because who doesn’t like to start with dessert? 

Picture of Koulourakia Greek sugar cookies on a metal cooling rack

Dinner the next night was the best Makaronia Me Kima (pasta with minced meat) that I’ve ever had. Granted, he used the recipe of a renowned Greek chef, but for him to plate up a dish that tasted better than what my beloved mother-in-law has been serving me for a couple of decades (which I LOVE), well, that truly blew me away. Of course, in his signature loyal-hearted fashion, he is quick to deny that his pasta surpasses his Yia Yia’s!* 

Pot of Makaronia me Kima with a cinnamon visible within the red meat sauce, and a wooden spoon resting atop

The following day was Koulouria (bread circles covered in sesames), which we continued to enjoy the day after that with his Fakes (lentil soup). 

Bowl of fakes (lentil soup) with a Koulouria (bread circle with sesames) resting on the spoon

The last item to be devoured as of the polishing of this post is Peach Sorbet. He found the recipe for the sorbet on the blog of the Greek Chef I mentioned – Akis Petretzikis – so even though it isn’t known as an authentically Greek food, we are naming it as such in keeping with our Greek Week theme. 

A bowl of homemade peach sorbet in a glass ice cream dish with a metal spoon stuck into it

He chose and proudly named this tasty and refreshing treat Peachy Books Sorbet in honour of my blog, haha. With this pleasing accolade bestowed upon Peachy Books, I thought nothing more important than to share it within her pages, and this is how I ended up blogging about a boy instead of a book. 

*Yia Yia is Greek for grandmother 

Do you like to cook with your kids? Have they acquired a taste for it and cook independently? What is your son or daughter’s favourite dish to make, and have they created any of their own recipes? My son is curious to know, as am I, so say hello in the comments.

Bon Appetit or as they say in Greece, Kali Orexi!