Graphic with a crane lifting bricks for a brick wall being assembled that says: Gift ideas for constrction truck loving readers!
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Books as Gifts for Kids: Construction Vehicles

Construction vehicle books make great gifts!

If you’re looking for ideas for what to get little boys or girls who are interested in construction vehicles and big trucks, this is a fun option for a well-received present. This gift contained a build and take-apart crane, a book about cranes, and a crochet bookmark for a handmade touch.

I look forward to birthdays and celebrations so I can put together presents for people. I try to use my creativity to make a gift tailored to the person and their life. There is often a theme, something handmade, and always a book. 

For Canada Day last month, I made a Canadian Baby basket for my cousins’ baby shower. Today I’m sharing the crane-themed gift we gave to a sweet little boy in our family who has turned 3. 

The adorable photos below, graciously shared by his mom, show him busily building the crane and reading his book. She was thrilled to report that it kept him properly occupied, which spells a win in my book!

Books are windows to the world. Raising children to love reading gives them creative options for companionship, especially during times of isolation like a pandemic when travel and visiting aren’t always possible. With the crack of a cover, kids are welcomed into unknown lands teeming with characters and adventure.

A silhouette of a boy reading a book on the grass at sundown, with the quote: A book is a gift you can open again and again by Garrison Keillor

In an era where screens capture most of our daily attention, the gift of a book will treat the mind, body, and soul to the magic of imagination and the wonder of words.

Here are a few more books from the QED Mighty Machines collection by Amanda Askew, that would make a great set for a budding reader. Consider including a book with a toy for the next gift you give. If you are on a strict budget as I sometimes am, you could get a book in lieu of a card, and write your wishes on the inside flap instead.

Do you give many books as gifts? Do you enjoy receiving a book that someone else has chosen for you? Do you have a favourite book to gift? Let’s chat in the comments!