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Canadian Freedom Convoy 2022

From Lying Down in Silence to

Standing Up in Strength

I’ve been struggling to write a blog post for some time now. In fact, my last post was from early October, so it has been over three months. I had every intention of keeping up with weekly book reviews, and then I hit a wall.

It may be that I’d been producing too much. Spending every free moment away from my responsibilities as a wife and mother to either read or write reviews was wearing on me, if I’m honest. Sleep is imperative for my mental health and maintaining balance, and I wasn’t pulling it off.

I’m inclined to think it was mainly writer’s block. Of course, this is something that any creative person suffers from at times, but this felt different.

I realise now that I was feeling silenced, not stumped.

There was an immense pressure surrounding my blogging, as I felt the need to remain neutral and apolitical with the hopes of entertaining the widest audience. I’m not sure this is even attainable given the current state of the world and division amongst people. Everyone seems to be retreating to their echo chambers of identity, political and otherwise.

Public discourse is suffering. To communicate via the technocrats’ AI-run data mining sites is to sling insults at your perceived enemy who happens to disagree with your opinions, be damned manners, facts, or attempts to understand each other.

What I’ve been silently pining for is a place where people can talk about ideas with an open mind, sans hostility and anger. I don’t want to fight and be snarky. I want people to come together without fear of others’ judgement.

So this will be my second iteration of this blog. I’ve dressed it up a bit differently, and I’m changing my approach. I will add any book reviews that I might write, possibly publish some of my old ones from over a decade ago, but mainly I will create and post memes to help express all that I’m feeling within our current culture.

I would hope that any subscribers would like to stay and share in healthy discourse, but I understand if they would like to unfollow now that this is not exclusively a book blog. I would in no way be offended and completely understand.

I haven’t been reading too many books lately. Whatever focus I’ve been able to muster up has been reserved for the ongoing search for truth.

It feels like a pivotal time in the world. The rights and freedoms I was lucky to have and appreciative of as a Canadian over the last 40 years are now eroding for my son’s future. I won’t let that happen without a fight.

I’ve not felt hope in two years. I’ve observed the incessant gaslighting and authoritarianism coming from not just my government but those around the world, and I have been genuinely hopeless a lot of the time.

Then I heard about the trucker convoy, and there was a flutter in my chest as I can only imagine my internal pilot light must have reignited.

These brave Canadian truckers have organised a convoy to Ottawa and are blocking the city streets until Trudeau resigns or cancels all mandates.

I was thrilled once being made aware this was an anti-mandate movement where the vaccinated and the unvaccinated alike have come together for a common goal, this while our government and the MSM try continually to pit us against each other.

Canadians have had enough of being dictated by unscientific rules and regulations, having their business destroyed, and being treated like second-class citizens to the ruling elites. The latest polls show the majority are against the current restrictions, and are in favour of lifting the mandates, although our lying leader and his bought and paid for corporate news channels say otherwise. The truckers have the power to force the tyrants hand, and it has lit a fire across the world, as other nations organise their own convoys for freedom.

I have never been more proud of my country or her brave and patriotic people. Standing on an overpass in Ontario while the convoy plastered in Canadian flags passed beneath us, we waved our flags back and shook our handmade signs of hope and gratitude.

We Fight For Freedom With Our Love

After two years of avoiding strangers, we were all communing together with smiles of pure joy and togetherness. No one was afraid of another’s judgemental stare, although there were some rude comments from a few cars passing by.

I have never experienced anything like it in my life, and I don’t think I’ll soon forget what it felt like to be a part of history in the making, with my son by my side.

These are our ‘Why do we even need to be doing this anyway!’ faces.

So that’s it. I went from lying down in silence to finally finding my voice and standing up for my son’s future. I know I will lose some of you for my beliefs, and that’s okay. I would say the same thing that I have told those that I’ve lost in my personal life: I will be waiting with open arms when (if) you come around.

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Did you hear about the Convoy on your news stations?

Have you heard of any convoys being planned where you are from?

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