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MEmeories Of A Canadian Revolution

I spent some time getting my frustrations out on Canva these past couple of weeks in what I like to call meme therapy. šŸ˜‚ A way to let off some steam and send messages to others looking for laughs, commiseration, and hope.

Memes are a clever way to make political commentary and have the potential to spread to many different audiences via the social media sites, using their own AI and hashtags. As criminal as big tech is, it’s here, so I would be remiss not to enlighten others to what is happening and have opted to use it back against those that control it and us, at least for as long as they’ll allow it.

In case it’s not clear and anyone was wondering, I have no allegiance to any party or group at this time, and feel it is most likely that they are all in it together anyway, no matter the political theatre they use to entertain us warring useful idiots in their audience. My loyalty is to my family and friends, and doing what I can to stand up to the loss of our eroding rights and freedoms. I take this stance as much for my son as for the generations to come.

Image of blue-collar protestors congregating in the streets surrounding commercial trucks and Canadian flags, that says: Anti-mandate protest, Toronto. This is where the Pro letari at

Lookin’ like a big ol’ winter jam in downtown Toronto during the anti-mandate protests of February 5th, 2022. Everyday Canadians standing up for their rights and freedoms and against tyrannical government overreach.

Image of Fred Flintstones clones walking in a trance into an awaiting space ship with the words saying Yabba. Dabba. Doo... Yabba. Dabba. Doo.... Yabba. Dabba. Don't! Resist! Break the spell and DO NOT COMPLY!!!

This episode of The Flinstones kept coming to mind whenever discussing the spell that I perceived those around me to be under regarding the CV narrative. I later came to find out this was mass formation psychosis, after hearing Belgian Professor of Clinical Psychology Dr. Mattias Desmet, speak about it on Peak Prosperity Podcast with Dr. Chris Martenson.

Image of Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau shaking hands while looking at the camera, with a backdrop of empty grocery store shelves  and a person behind them with an empty grocery cart, that says. "We did this." in quotations, and underneath a title saying: Medical Tyranny via Vaccine Mandates for Truck Drivers

I found this one and changed it up a bit. This happy pair manufactured our current crisis and forced this revolution. But for the inhumane mandates by these two, there would be no supply issues.

Image on the left of a Sir John A. MacDonald statue doused in red paint that says: This Statue of our first Prime Minister is defaced, juxtaposed by an image on the right of a Terry Fox statue wearing a flag around his neck, holding a flag on a pole and a sign saying Mandate Freedom, with the words above him saying: This statue of a Canadian hero is standing up to medical tyranny.

Many were quick to decry Terry Fox being desecrated in his flags and sign, yet I didn’t here those same people with any issues when Sir John A. MacDonald was destroyed. I’ll bet they didn’t even hear about it as it wasn’t reported much in the mainstream, unlike Terry with his cap here, who became the poster boy for the convoy on the corporate media channels worldwide.

Image of a Canadian standing on an overpass with two big rigs passing underneath, while flying a Canadian Flag on a hockey stick in salute overhead, with a title on top that says Truck Fudeau!!!

I saw this clever word play being repeated often in the livestream comment sections whilst watching the convoy roll in and had to borrow it.

Silhouette of a fighter in a punching stance with a sun setting in the back drop, and the words: You are confined only by the walls you build yourself. Resist!!! You can't comply your way out of tyranny! It's now or never.

Maybe a little cheesy, but I like it. Gives me that Sara Connor/Linda Hamilton vibe, and makes me want to go train outside with tractor tires and a skipping rope, even in the snow, haha.

Black silhouette of a group of people holding signs in protest with a white background, and a black title above saying: Resistance is the first step to change.

Resistance is the only way we have any hope of stopping this charging bull hell bent to reset us. The truckers, farmers, and peaceful protestors of Canada are making a difference, make your voice heard before it’s too late.

Don’t hesitate to use and share any of these with your freedom loving friends!

Do you have any favourite Memes from the trucker convoy that you loved?

Do you like to create things, or do something specific to express yourself during challenging times?

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