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Rallying Cry for Rebellion

Crisis is the rallying cry of the tyrant.

– James Madison

Whoa, what a crazy news cycle we find ourselves in these days. Sure, the virus numbers will continue to fall in the Northern Hemisphere as the days become more humid – I look forward to nothing more – but no rest for the wicked! 

This week Pfizer was forced to disclose another 80K of documents to our shock and horror; you know, that treasure trove of information they were banking would stay buried from our view for 75 years? 

I’m hopeful this third-times-a-charm installment will be the thing to finally wake people up from their fear slumber, as we now know Pfizer lied about the efficacy rate and the harm the vaccine was doing to pregnant women and their breastfeeding babies. And this is only a few days after the drop, it’s going to take a minute to compile this data, so keep your eyes wide and stay tuned.

Couple this tragedy with SCOTUS overturning Roe v. Wade, leaving abortion rights to the independent states rule, and I suspect there will be a shit tonne of protest this summer, and rightly so.

I am all for standing up to authoritarian rule and their wicked games of divide and conquer, and I encourage everyone to do so, as long as they do it in peace. If we want to maintain the ability to protest, it must always remain peaceful. They don’t know how to handle pacifism or humour, which gives us a slight advantage where there otherwise would be none as long as we don’t squander our opportunity.

Make no mistake: violence and disruption are what they want to support their entrance of force and institution of martial law. Once they have their justification, they will lock it down, take control over the people, and pounce at the chance to quash any dissent. (sound familiar?)

If you’re locked in a jail or detention camp, you are of no use to the cause, and at this stage, there aren’t many willing to replace you. It won’t be easy, but people will have to get creative, not unlike the peaceful protests held in Canada these past few months. 

Yes, things did escalate into military-style law enforcement using aggressive tactics and attempting to instigate conflict, but those brave Canadians didn’t take the bait. People did not fight back and instead gave ample opportunity for the world to see the true nature of our tyrant leader and his UN Henchmen, as evidenced by the trampling of a lady in a walker by mounted police. Canadians set an example of how you can hold the line, at least for a little while, without sinking to their level. 

This week I’ve drawn attention to the need to stand up and remain a bystander no more, everyone across the globe, as we commence the fight for our lives against a globalist takeover. Below you’ll find the quotes I’d shared for Rebellion Week across my InstagramFacebook, and Twitter accounts.

A noteworthy quote by Francis Schaeffer started off this past Rebellion Week.

Society is now secular by and large, so if we are going to allow for the removal of God, we mustn’t allow Him to be replaced with Government or Humanism whilst pretending it’s virtuous to have done so; that’s not going to fly any longer.

We have a responsibility to keep our society free from authoritarian rule for our children and the fate of our country. Standing up to tyranny, bullying, and gaslighting is no easy feat and takes much inner fortitude, but the rewards are priceless, for generations to come.

It’s time for people to network with like-minded folks and see what you can organise to help fight back against the technocrats and their self-serving agenda. We didn’t vote them in, but we can do our best to get them out!

At this point in my life there is no graver disservice I could do to my spirit than keep quiet in the face of injustice, no matter where, when, or to whom it pertains.

So when there is an opportunity to stand up and scream against those who wish to destroy the health and future of my son and his generation, you can bet there is no way in Hell that I’m shutting up, nor should you!

A timeless quote from one of the great wordsmiths of the 20th century continues to find its way back into the fray as people let fear bury them in apathy, repeatedly allowing indiscretions to pass, as they consequently snowball into atrocity.

The crucial question? How much is one willing to ignore as they attempt to convince themselves and others that they live per a superior code of ethics? Is this why there is such a desperate need for virtue signalling these days?

Telling the truth and growing food are two of the most revolutionary acts you can partake in during dystopic times.

George Orwell is the man of the hour, as his masterpiece, 1984, continues to prophesize our gradual yet impending doom. With a tip of the hat to his 1948 novel, the US government has instituted their own Ministry of Truth: Disinformation Governance Board to deal with mis– and disinformation. 

Where would the mainstream media be without those elusive terms they love to bandy about and toss like grenades as a means to bury any dissent of their official narrative. How is anyone supposed to trust a thing they are saying ever again?

Humans are born with an instinct to survive, whatever it takes. Some perceive blindly going with the opinions of those most powerful to be the best course of action , a sort of Stockholm Syndrome, if you will, when others choose to rebel.

Is it a strong spiritual connection that makes one more likely to stand up against the status quo, and if so, does ones inability to do so equate to spiritual death?

It’s not enough to say, ‘Meh, I took the vaccine, so my rights are good.’ Or, ‘Women’s rights don’t pertain to me.’ The fight is about bodily autonomy, for one and all.

In order to classify as fully vaccinated with these current options, people will require yearly indefinite boosters. With every passing day we learn more about the limited efficacy and the suppressed associated adverse reactions, some deadly. Are you willing to play Russian Roulette a few times a year, ad infinitum?

Approach things from a different angle. We’re not only talking about your cousin with authority issues that wont get vaccinated, it is about your children’s right not to be coerced to take an ineffective and dangerous shot so they can play sports or go to university.

Informed consent has not happened here, not for a single Canadian. You deserve to know the truth about the probability that you and/or your children will eventually be harmed, that is, if you have been lucky enough not to be damaged already. We must fight for these rights before they are completely gone.

Let music help to motivate your inner rebel, and enjoy Bob Marley’s Get Up Stand Up, where the video is made of clips put together from fan entries.

Have you ever been apart of a protest before? If not, is there any issue that you feel passionate enough about to take to the streets in rebellion?

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What Do You Mean Canadians Don’t Have Freedom? | A Peachy Books Comic Strip

Creating a comic strip about the hypocrisy of some Canadians was not only enjoyable but was an effective way to vent some of my unrelenting frustrations with my fellow Countrymen.

With the continued erosion of rights and freedoms in the True North and hearing the unrelenting question, ‘What do you mean Canadians don’t have freedom?’ I thought it was time for another cartoon to answer the question with visual representation.

Please feel free to share this on your social media sites as we attempt to help our friends, family, and neighbours understand what is happening to this beautiful and once-free nation that our ancestors fought so hard to preserve. 

Is bodily autonomy important to you? Do you see it as a right?

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A Peachy Books Political Comic Strip: A Day in the Life of a Homegrown Hypocrite

After deciding to take a risk and dabble in some different creative mediums as of late, I tried my hand at making a comic strip. If I think about it, I have almost zero experience in reading comics. Unless you count the boxes of Archie and Jughead books I read in my childhood over thirty-five years ago; my memory and I do not, haha.

Readers of my recent posts are aware of my mounting frustration with fellow Canadians surrounding their acceptance of our government’s overreach and continued manipulation through well-funded state media. This cartoon has materialised through that aggravated state, so be forewarned that some might find it slightly offensive. 

So be it, I guess, because with no one willing to have candid and crucial discussions, if not through raw art, how else does one continue to get the ideas out?

Visit my latest comic strip where I ask here: What do you mean Canadians don’t have freedom?

Are you fan of comic strips?

Are there any political cartoonists whose work you enjoy?

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This Week in Canada

I thought I’d make a post offering a recap of some important things I have shared on my personal social media platforms over the course of the week.

I’ve been trying to reach people with quotes, but there’s likely a fair number of my friends that have snoozed me for 30 days. 😎

Damn, there were some excellent senate speeches this week, which surely every Canadian should watch, regarding the disaster that has been the invocation of The Emergencies Act. With a blend of history, a recap of the three weeks that led up to today, and a scathing critique of Trudeau’s reign of incompetence and disgrace, Senator Donald Plett’s words (see below) will go down on the transcript today and in the history books tomorrow.

Maybe Trudeau didn’t want to run the risk that speeches like this one would dissuade the senate out of his favour, and thought better to revoke the Emergencies Act before they did? In case you haven’t heard, that’s what he did mere minutes after Plett’s impactful chronicle was entered into record. However, I’m fairly certain that international businesses played more of a role in his change of heart; who the hell wants to get their money tied up in a Banana Republic?! Or are they just trying to spin us around in confusion until we all fall down?

The damage is done. Can’t put that genie back in the bottle. Trudeau has got to go, and you should watch this speech to see why. This is a long one, so grab a snack first.

A much shorter speech by Senator Denise Batters, but she was no less effective in conveying her message: Government should not be normalising emergency measures.

I was able to find some solace in Heather Heying’s article this week on her Substack: Natural Selections.

“We are living in a landscape of division, othering, and dehumanization. Some are offered treats, and not only do they readily accept those treats, they too often cannot be made to see that the treats themselves are being used to divide. Resistance is necessary. Whatever else you believe to be true, there is no version of reality in which acquiescence to the dehumanization of some part of society is okay. We must resist, in the ways that we can. To that end, let’s give them all a giant game of Whack-a-Mole to contend with.”

Enjoy the article in its entirety here:

I was swept away to my teenage years this week, when hearing of the passing of Mark Lanegan. The 90s grunge scene and the music world as a whole mourns the loss of the accomplished solo artist and former singer of Screaming Trees and Queens of the Stone Age, who passed away in his home at 57.

With his iconic gruff voice and flaming red hair, he will be remembered for the passion he brought not just to his music, but everything he did. I find this quote of his sums that up quite nicely.

May he rest in peace with his no longer absent friends. 💜

Take a few minutes to watch a video made by Grunge on YouTube, in tribute to Mark and his struggles:

Here in Canada the fight for freedom from medical tyranny continues, no matter how ineffectual or ignored by our media outlets.

Are there protests happening where you live, and if so, what are they for?

Cover for article entitled: Nothing to See Here, They're Just Broken: ACE Scores for the Win on Peachy Books showing an Ace of hearts playing card
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Nothing To See Here, They’re Just Broken

ACE(s) For The Win!

An observational study conducted in Wales on citizenry over eighteen and published in the peer-reviewed medical journal BMJ Open has discovered that people who had suffered from childhood trauma were three times more likely to be vaccine-hesitant than those who had not.

Upon reading this news through one of our local mainstream channels, I actually agreed – wonder of wonders! I had come to a similar conclusion over a year ago, whilst watching the people in my life withdraw to their various corners. As I will explain later, there are specific reasons why I believe this to be so.

I will not deny that I was slightly confused; why would the media be reporting on such data when it might elicit compassion and understanding instead of the ‘othering’ that has been commonplace within our corporate media channels since the advent of these ‘vaccines’?

Then something occurred to me, reporting on these conclusions was never intended to help people understand their fellow man better at all. The true intent was to treat those trauma sufferers as ignorant scapegoats.

I have to hand it to them, though, this is the most covert and insidious form of othering I have seen yet, and there has been a shit-tonne of it here in Canada. 

Nothing to see here! Their mistrust is explainable; they haven’t any valid points or information. Do not bother listening to them, they are broken and should take some pharmaceutical concoction to fix that up, tout de suite!

The BMJ Open study shows how those with high ACE (adverse childhood experiences) scores are the most likely to suffer hesitancy surrounding the COVID restrictions and mistrust the narrative.

Shout out to my fellow damaged souls with 10/10’s! Who doesn’t love to ace a test? (pun and sarcasm intended) Given the progressive Oppression Olympics that society is now so fond of, you would think we would get some respect or at least a medal, but I digress.

If you ask me, they see this correlation as a means to explain away why we renegades are anti-authority, a flaw due to our troubled pasts. I don’t see this as a flaw or a loss, but actually a win. Some may choose to perceive us differently, but I don’t see us as being broken, as much as being learned in the ways of abusers, and therefore we know them when we see them.

I don’t accept this invalidation of lived experience now, any more than I did when I was 11. When raised with gaslighting and manipulation – the same tactics being used by our world leaders and government bodies throughout this pandemic especially – it makes you aware of what is happening and compelled to expose it. More importantly, when you spend your childhood fending for yourself, once an adult, you have a profound and fierce desire to protect your loved ones, especially the children. 

There is positivity to be found in the harm that I had suffered at the hands of my early authorities. My experiences have helped me to see what others less damaged have been willing to accept without question.

Many Canadians are properly trained to be polite, do as their told, follow orders, and never question authority. Those who come from homes without the experiences noted in this study are eager to do so, since given their history they feel secure that there is someone to trust at the helm. As happy as I am for these people, I now recognise that this luxury comes at a price, as it can produce blinders, and I appreciate having a keen vision.

As someone with PTSD, I tend to be hypervigilant, acutely aware of any danger and have cultivated an intense instinct for recognising ‘bull-shitters’ and fakery. This survival skill has served me well throughout life, and as such, I don’t consider this pejorative nor a reason to disregard what I have to say.

With the world settling into its binary formation, both sides seem to be observing themselves as the light and accusing their perceived enemies on the opposing side of the dark. Why does it have to be this way?

When did we stop hearing each other? Who enjoys living in this world where people retreat to their bunkers and toss grenades at members of their own family? Why do people find it easier to invalidate their neighbour when their experiences and individual choices do not align?

I thought this new world was a place where people were free to have their own thoughts, practice their religion, and maintain the right to make whatever decisions were best for them and their families without fear of medical tyranny. Why did we build this new world if only to follow deceptive leaders that try to drag us back to the old?

Irrespective of this study, I have observed some people whom I know have suffered early childhood trauma that have taken the opposite approach, who are first in line to follow the unscientific, and in many cases, incomprehensible restrictions the government has foisted upon us. This is likely because of the fight/flight/freeze response that becomes activated when we sense danger. As part of our reptilian brain, this innate response is present within all humans, whether they were traumatised as children or left unscathed. Some people layer up and fight, some flee to hide their heads in the snow, and some simply freeze and let the avalanche come down on them. 

We could (and should) be having an open discourse about which of these responses is the more helpful and safe of the lot, as they are unique to every individual. No one person is more important than another, regardless of their education, wealth, and no matter what the brainwashing media – bought and paid for with 600 million of our tax dollars – says at the behest of our tyrannical government. 

Everyone’s voice deserves to be heard so that the truth can reign supreme, that is what freedom looks like. When you suppress Canadians’ voices and take away their rights, we no longer live in the free society that our ancestors fought so hard for us to enjoy. 

Shaming, belittling, gaslighting, and invalidation are tools of a tyrant. Our current revolution against medical tyranny is a wake-up call to all of the brave souls that make up this great land!

If we, the people, do not come together and honestly discuss the views of ALL Canadians regarding our once strong and free land soon, the next time we do so, we will be in chains.

Gaslighting Meme that says: Gaslighting is a means of manipulation that wishes to make someone doubt reality, and is used as a tactic to gain power and control. They deny they've said or done something even though you have proof. They turn others against you to take away your support system. They dismiss your legitimate concerns. Their actions don't match their words. They call you crazy. They claim you said or did something you didn't do.

Had you heard any news reporting on the recent BMJ Open study, and if so, what did you think of the results?

Are there vaccine mandates instituted in your country? If so, what do you feel about them?