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MEmeories of A Great Reset

Welcome to a collection of memes that I have created and shared over my social media accounts in the last couple of weeks. The common theme: The World Economic Forum and its plan, under the leadership of Klaus Schwab, to reset our world. This opportunity brought to you by the implosion of the Coronavirus pandemic. 

If you believe what they’re telling us, this coincidence comes just in the nick of time, as did the publishing of this book mere months after COVID began wreaking its havoc. We should be grateful that the virus just popped up, and that they were so prepared, no?!

Because, hey, who would not want a more inclusive, resilient, and sustainable planet via global alliance, right? Well, only a sadistic bigot, I would guess. 🙄

I did not want to buy these books.

It sears my soul that my family’s hard-earned dollars were forked over to these devils, over and above that which the WEF is already receiving through the hands of our soulless dictator, Justin Trudeau.

I attempted to listen to a text-to-speech recording on YouTube, but I find listening to automated voices tedious at the best of times, and this technocratic agenda comes off even more devious in a computerised tone.

Covid-19: The Great Reset, a little light reading on how the global elite intends to rid us of all of our property and autonomy, in the name of saving the planet, of course. 🌍

There is no doubt that this planet needs saving, but I never elected blood-suckers who espouse authoritarian rule and pay lip service to global sustainability, to do the job, did you? 

How can NGOs be allowed to run our show? One need only direct their glare to the policies of world leaders such as the aforementioned tyrant Trudeau, and his WEF brother and sister, Macron and Arden respectively, to find that answer. 

It only took a few pages to be struck by the situational irony in Klaus Schwab’s words. When reading his pronouncement on the historical need of humanity to scapegoat a community into shouldering the blame during times of crisis, I instantly thought of the continual and unscientific shunning of the unvaccinated within our society during the current pandemic.

Although the arrogance of these emboldened globalists may not be unparalleled, as Schwab so astutely pointed out in his mini history lessons, in an information age such as this, and with the data readily available on the efficacy of these ‘vaccines,’ their hubris and narcissism are on another level.

In this quote by the heir to the Rothschild family, we find another example of projection and propaganda disguised as pomposity, brought to you by those that know better.

There is no question that Putin and Jinping are among the most dangerous of men, but where do you figure Nathaniel Rothschild’s name registers on that list? 🤔

Anyone who has been paying attention since the 2008 market crash is aware that the monetary system has been propped up by printed money and borrowed time.

Central banks have aided in its subsisting, but after a pandemic that halted all world economies, the game has run out, and they need to rejig to keep things as they want them.

Queue Central Bank Digital Currencies. This state-controlled medium of exchange is the key to total surveillance of our incomes and the power to program how we spend our limited wealth. Those that do not comply suffer ostracisation via their deplorable social credit scores. The dystopian nightmare you once read about is now your future, courtesy of the rich and greedy who will make sure it works as needed.

A revealing video from Truthseeker that summarises the disaster that will be the enforcement of CBDCs and how this will be the death of freedom across the world: 

We need to keep using cash as much and for as long as possible!

Do you still use physical money? With a whole host of dilemmas set to

come upon us with the elimination of cash, we need to fight the system they are trying to force on us in every way we can.

Watch this short video from Economics Explained where they detail the dangers of a cashless society: 

I have tried to discuss this with people in my life, to no avail. Many do not seem to think this will ever come about, and others question if there is anything wrong with

it happening, that maybe this is what humanity has been missing? I would put to those people that although any system will be manipulated and corrupted by powerful elites who wish to sustain their handle on the money and control, global communism is the option that leaves us permanently enslaved.

With this intrusive and all-encompassing arrangement, they will be the overlords of all aspects of our lives. From health care procedures to time spent in leisure activities, grocery lists to mandated exercise time, they will ensure we behave like good global citizens or suffer the consequences like criminals. Under their self-serving rule, we will lose all autonomy, financial, bodily, or otherwise, as we fulfill our duty to the collective. 

These trusted officials, beholden to a world government, will have the power to banish anyone that tries to expose internal corruption or hold them to account for their tyranny, all made easier by the help of a community that takes part in the blaming and shaming of those shunned. 

Hmm, the latter sounds familiar? I wonder if Uncle Schwaby will include some historical references on this point. 

You will not want to miss this video from laowhy86, where he gives us the lowdown on the already in place Chinese Social Credit System, the model the WEF aspires to bring to our happy homes they will soon own. It is terrifying and laced with corruption, so make sure you are ready:  

If history has proven anything, it is that freedom is not forever. With a lengthy lapse from hard times and the passing of generations fortunate enough to avoid strife, we have arrived at a place in our trajectory

where the fight for freedom must rage again, the new world proving to be a failed experiment.

How many more lies will manifest before the tribes have had enough and choose togetherness over petty quarrels, standing up to those who seek to destroy us?

When will this crazy ride be over? Sadly, it seems it has just begun.

What is your take on the ‘Great’ Reset? Is it talked about in your circles? 

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17 thoughts on “MEmeories of A Great Reset”

  1. A fascinating post here. I have to say I’m not very fond of the elite, even the nice ones who want to save the world while getting rich. In the US, democracy is on the verge of disappearing. I’ll be moving to Canada if they’ll take me.

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    1. Thank you. 🙂 We’d be happy to have you, but although I wish I could say things are faring better here, I think it is the same, if not worse. I think our PM is the lead puppet under Klaus Schwab, and Canada is one of the testing grounds for implementing authoritarian rule. As an example, I can’t take a plane or a train in my own country because I am not vaccinated. Nor be with my son in hospital if God forbid he needed to go. Democracy and freedom have died in the new world. 😞

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      1. Well, you can come down here where it’s an infection free for all. Over a million dead and nobody can be bothered to protect their neighbors. Freedom to infect is our motto. As well as freedom to shoot schoolchildren. We’re really into freedom unless you’re a woman and then we want full control of your body. 😀 Stay in Canada. It’s not so bad.

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      2. It’s okay, there is plenty to get worked up over these days, I do all the time, haha!

        I do wish there was something of a vaccine that was worth taking, that didn’t come with a slew of adverse reactions, an abysmal efficacy, and for some age groups, far more of a risk than the virus. And given it can be both caught and spread when vaccinated, everyone is infecting everyone.

        We have been homebound for two years, but the data on the lockdowns is devastating. The mask mandates have been lifted here, but they will return soon, I’m sure, even though the data show they are essentially more harm than good, unless they are N95 grade. My son has continued to virtual learn because I won’t have him wearing one all day.

        There are no easy solutions, but I do feel that the excessive restrictions have not helped, if you look at excess and all cause mortality objectively.

        Freedom of choice, bodily autonomy, these are important for my sons future, so that is what I will be advocating for, and in this country I am likely to get taken to the Human Rights commission for doing so. Fingers crossed I don’t end up in jail, lol.

        I will now apologise for my rant, haha. Happy to have the discussion, though. 🥰

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  2. Hello from the UK

    Many thanks for your post. Justin ‘Look at me, I’m so beau-ti-ful’ Turdeau is a Nazi (sic) piece of work. And a sick Nazi to boot. Indeed a Nazi-cissist.

    Masks are pointless against what is the ‘flu made out to be a monster by incessant advertising.

    Vaccines are pointless against the ‘flu as they are, if anything, neuro-toxic and will therefore give you the’flu. Or kill you if your immune system is really bad and your health already poor.

    They may even kill you if our a re really fit, but then we don’t know what they put in even vial as it doesn’t say and we can’t taste beforehand to check like we might with food and drink.

    As the ‘flu, or Covid 19 as it is now called after re-branding to help sell more useless stuff, is an internal toxicosis parly generated by metabolism of food and added to by the various poisons in the environment, food and drink, it can’t be passed on to someone else.

    Unless your blood is given to someone in a blood transfusion, for example.

    Vitamin D deficiency is the true pandemic due to indoor working and living away from the sunshine which, if we do the right thing things, will give us vitamin D (free!). Big pharma etc. are not keen on free as they don’t make much money out of it.

    Vitamin D levels drop in the winter months, depending on latitude, due to reduced sunshine levels and as any gains in the summer months are depleted.

    So solution fairly straight forward, among other things boost vitamin D.

    You might like these links of mine which I hope will explain matters, although I am always happy to discuss.

    The main cure for Covid.

    I have also written a bit on Justin ‘The Turd Man’ Trudeau too.

    Please note I do use humour as necessary on posts and pages to lighten the mood and help make the points. I will use strong salty language if required. I am not PC.

    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson
    Please excuse the nom-de-plume, this is as much for fun as a riddle for people to solve if they wish.

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    1. Thanks for the comment and sharing your point of view. Trudeau is certainly a narcissist of the highest order! And it doesn’t take too much digging into his right hand woman Christia Freeland, and her grandparents, to see the Nazism flowing. Totalitarian rule is what makes their tik tok.

      These are dark days, where the evil among us are heralded as Kings, because it is easier than standing up to the malevolence. 😞

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