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A Peachy Books Political Comic Strip: A Day in the Life of a Homegrown Hypocrite

After deciding to take a risk and dabble in some different creative mediums as of late, I tried my hand at making a comic strip. If I think about it, I have almost zero experience in reading comics. Unless you count the boxes of Archie and Jughead books I read in my childhood over thirty-five years ago; my memory and I do not, haha.

Readers of my recent posts are aware of my mounting frustration with fellow Canadians surrounding their acceptance of our government’s overreach and continued manipulation through well-funded state media. This cartoon has materialised through that aggravated state, so be forewarned that some might find it slightly offensive. 

So be it, I guess, because with no one willing to have candid and crucial discussions, if not through raw art, how else does one continue to get the ideas out?

Visit my latest comic strip where I ask here: What do you mean Canadians don’t have freedom?

Are you fan of comic strips?

Are there any political cartoonists whose work you enjoy?

14 thoughts on “A Peachy Books Political Comic Strip: A Day in the Life of a Homegrown Hypocrite”

  1. You did an awesome job on the comic. It’s clear and concise. I agree with all of it, but I do still believe in vaccines, only because of our history with how they’ve reduced the spread of disease. In the case of Covid, I’m not too sure how I feel about it. People should have a choice. For example, how crazy is it, that our healthcare workers were on the front lines when this horrible virus started and they had little protection, no vaccine, and yet they still had to go to work and take care of sick people—potentially infecting themselves and their families. Now they’re told they have to get vaccinated or they lose their job. That to me does not make sense. At first I believed that everyone should get vaccinated, but I feel different about it now. When you look at all the diseases that cause death—especially in the US—it’s heart disease, diabetes, cancer…. Many diseases that can could be controlled with healthy lifestyle.

    I’ll stop ranting and taking over your post now. Totally agree and love the comic though. 👍

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    1. Thanks, Jen, I’m so pleased you liked it! 💜 Trying new things is strange, but worth it.

      I hear you on being in favour of vaccines, I am also grateful for all of the lives they have saved and how they have helped humanity. My family was fully vaccinated prior to Co vid.

      As far as the mRNA vaccines, the science just isn’t in yet, no matter what they tell us. They may be the best thing that could ever happen to medicine, I hope they are, but I don’t have any way of knowing and I’m not willing to be part of an experiment. I’m also aware of the great pains that were/are being taken to supress effective early treatments because they are off-patent, as well adverse reactions data being buried and manipulated. My trust in our medical system is nonexistent at this point.

      I feel that these vaccines should never have been mandated, and that is what I mainly am standing up against. Risk assessments should be left up to individuals, informed consent mandatory, and lockdowns need to be abolished, because they were surely more disastrous than the disease ever would have been for most people, even with the earlier variants.

      I support everyone’s decision to take or not take the shots, but when people are losing their jobs, unable to leave the country, travel by train or plane, are having their parental rights revoked, this is not about science, this is about control.

      I am heartbroken for the health care workers that have been so overburdened by the pandemic, but I also blame the government for this. They keep saying they knew a pandemic was imminent, then why the hell would they have no PPE stocked, and run the system at the seams? What did they think would happen?

      Haha, anyway, I agree with all you said, and instead of going on forever like I can, I’ll stop here. Thanks for listening and thanks for appreciating my first attempt at political cartooning. 🥰

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      1. Exactly! Why weren’t we prepared? It was a wake-up call for all of us, and it showed our weak leadership.

        Yes, I’ve seen evidence that the MRNA vaccines were not needed, and the regular (classic) vaccines were just as effective. I didn’t understand the push for this new vaccine, and this is probably why so many didn’t trust it. People don’t trust our government anyway. I have at least two conspiracy-theorist friends who believe that this pandemic was a money-making process for certain individuals. Of course that’s true, but could that have been planned?

        Like you, I support everyone’s decision to get vaccinated or not. In the beginning I felt differently though. I can’t take back my original statements, but I can stand corrected. With that said, my husband lost a best friend just before Christmas, and I’ve wondered if getting vaccinated would’ve saved his life. It likely would have, but the decision was his to make.

        Thanks for your response! Always enjoy your two cents. 😉

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      2. All we can do is try to figure things out as the information becomes available, and then adjust accordingly. Anyone that said they had it figured out from the beginning was either delusional, naïve, or had nefarious intentions. And anyone who still feels the same way they did when this all began is likely being wilfully ignorant.

        Some would say that it is our civic duty to take this vaccine in order to protect the vulnerable and infirm, and I say, sorry, no, it’s not.

        There is a case to be made for mandating a vaccine, but not for a virus with this kind of mortality rate, for a leaky vaccine that is non-sterlising and has not been proven safe, and especially not at the hands of a government and pharmaceutical industry that I don’t believe is to be trusted.

        I’m very sorry to hear about your husband’s best friend, that is so sad and horrible. I’m not in anyway trying to make light of the devastation of people dying when I mention the lowness of the mortality rate. I’m looking at an all cause mortality issue that is seemingly far greater with the restrictions that have been imposed. The cure being worse than the disease and such. My heart goes out to all the people that have suffered the loss of family and friends throughout this whole nightmare. 😥

        Thanks for sharing your thoughts. ❤


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