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Musical Mondays | Bob Dylan

Box of peace signs made of barbed wire, with the lyrics from Bob Dylan's Masters of War in red letters: 
Come, you masters of war, you that build the big guns, you that build the death planes, you that build all the bombs, you that hide behind walls, you that hide behind desks, I just want you to know I can see through your masks.

Masters of War is one of Bob Dylan’s more emphatic songs, which he amazingly wrote in his early 20s, with it being released in ’63. The powerful piece is his seething response in defiance of the Cold War nuclear arms proliferation.

Dylan was a captivating voice during the civil rights movement and antiwar protests of the 60s and 70s. His art was a way that people could explore and understand the ideas behind what was truly happening, and not just what people were being told by their leaders. That is one of the beautiful aspects of the arts, a works ability to reach people where ever they might be at.

Enjoy this rare interview from 1985, where the ever humble Dylan was eager to discuss all manner of topics ranging from religion, politics, war, and the media. Although it is choppy and the audio isn’t great, it is a wide-angle view into the mind of Dylan, for any interested fans.

Are you a fan of Bob Dylan’s work? Is there a song that sticks out for you?

4 thoughts on “Musical Mondays | Bob Dylan”

  1. Thank you for bringing back so many Dylan memories. He has so many great songs that defined my teenage years. I think the most memorable for me was Mr. Tamborine Man. It was the first one of his I heard on the radio.

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    1. Mr. Tamborine Man is such a beautiful song, and transports you back to a place and a time like all good music. There are many, and I really appreciate how he let off some steam in this song, and showed a side of himself he didn’t always share. I’m glad you enjoyed some memories. 🧡

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  2. Excellent share. When I think of Bob Dylan, “Mr. Tamborine Man” comes to mind, probably because I was born in the 70s and it was still such a popular song. What an incredible artist. ❤️

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  3. He will go down in history as one of the most influential artists, in my opinion. I was also born in the 70s and love Mr. Tamborine Man too. Nostalgia offers so much comfort, especially in crazy times like these. Have a great week! 💜

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