Musical Mondays

Musical Mondays | Metallica

A dark song for dark days, as the defenceless bear witness to increased global unrest and conflict, ignited by the ruling elites who battle for resources and control.

One by Metallica is a hard rock classic that served to vent my teenage angst, yet I never fully felt the import of its message. Now I truly hear the lyrics, as it channels my adult rage over the injustices that will befall those on the battlefield-of-greed laid out like a red carpet.

To rage out a little with me this Monday Morning, find the song here:

Do you listen to music to let off steam?

What are some of the songs that work for you?

Praying for peace in the world on these darkest of days. πŸ–€

11 thoughts on “Musical Mondays | Metallica”

  1. Possibly their most famous song, epic, intense, brutal, devastating. Creeping Death is also quite proper for today’s world. I really love All Nightmare Long, Seek and Destroy, and of course Sad But True. “Confusion” speaks to my PTSD even though I’m not a veteran.

    Lately been giving Rammstein a shot (learning German slowly as a result). Love the deep voices in music, far too many singers are looking for high notes. I love throat singing, Mongolian music. Check out Batzorig Vaangchig and hear where metal came from. The crossover between Metallica and Vaanchig is the Mongolian metal band The Hu. Classic instruments, classic themes and lyrics, but modern metal.

    All great stuff to charge into battle with, kind of the opposite of peace. BUT, metalheads often have to remind folks that metal lets us get our aggression and pent up emotions out in a healthy way. James Hetfield keeps bees and lives a mellow life in Colorado when not touring.

    As a person homeless for a year and living in campgrounds, all I can ask is that people listen to their loud music in headphones. Just because a camper up in Washington State was blasting, yes, One, at top volume in the woods, did not keep me from going over and asking it to be turned down.

    And yes, I let them finish One at top volume before turning it down. I’m not a monster!

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    1. Haha, a true music lover, to allow a classic to finish first! I’ve been a fan of Metallica’s tunes across the decades and my 8 year old son has a fondness for them now too. His favourite is Seek and Destroy. I’d say One is my fave, with Sad But True coming in second, but there aren’t many that I don’t like. I hear you on Confusion, it really is powerful, even for those of us whose PTSD is not from war combat.

      I’ve listened to Mongolian throat music before and have heard some Hu. I love the emotion that it evokes. It reminds me a lot of the native throat signing here in Canada, which I adore. Thanks for reminding me of Rammstein, I went through a phase with them in my teens and forgot how great they are for raging.

      I absolutely concur, although the music isn’t peaceful it serves as a pressure release which can in turn produce a calmer mind, if only momentarily, as of late.

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      1. The next level is making your own music.

        My first Metallica tune I learned on guitar was actually Seek and Destroy! I came from a folk/bluegrass/oldies/classic rock upbringing, and making our own music together was always a favorite way to get together as a family. We’re not professionals at all, just people who enjoy music and fun! My brother was the metalhead and he introduced me to a side of music most people dump on. We haven’t spoken since 2006 but I carried my own metal “torch” on without him.

        Thanks so much for this post, you reminded me (in my depressed solitude) that I have a fire for music and that cultivating it is always a good thing. Dusted off the guitar and did a run through Seek and Destroy this morning and it was a good thing; I’m stuck inside on day four of nonstop downpour. (it’s also a good thing no one heard it. I am unashamedly mediocre!)

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      2. I am thrilled to hear that, you’re very welcome. I should say that you’ve now inspired me to pick up my Uke after a few months long break. I’m still very much a beginner and have only written a few songs, but even just practicing can have a meditative effect on me. Now is the time for the artists to let their hearts pour out, in whatever medium they employ. It will contribute to the mending of the collective unconsciousness and soothe our weary souls. πŸ’œ

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    1. Me too, I am a fan of it all! 80s and 90s are the most nostalgic for me, but I think my favourite genre as a whole for music is the 70s. My karaoke/dance performance in my living room during the Super Bowl halftime show was epic, even if my son didn’t think so. πŸ˜‚

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