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This Week in Canada

I thought I’d make a post offering a recap of some important things I have shared on my personal social media platforms over the course of the week.

I’ve been trying to reach people with quotes, but there’s likely a fair number of my friends that have snoozed me for 30 days. 😎

Damn, there were some excellent senate speeches this week, which surely every Canadian should watch, regarding the disaster that has been the invocation of The Emergencies Act. With a blend of history, a recap of the three weeks that led up to today, and a scathing critique of Trudeau’s reign of incompetence and disgrace, Senator Donald Plett’s words (see below) will go down on the transcript today and in the history books tomorrow.

Maybe Trudeau didn’t want to run the risk that speeches like this one would dissuade the senate out of his favour, and thought better to revoke the Emergencies Act before they did? In case you haven’t heard, that’s what he did mere minutes after Plett’s impactful chronicle was entered into record. However, I’m fairly certain that international businesses played more of a role in his change of heart; who the hell wants to get their money tied up in a Banana Republic?! Or are they just trying to spin us around in confusion until we all fall down?

The damage is done. Can’t put that genie back in the bottle. Trudeau has got to go, and you should watch this speech to see why. This is a long one, so grab a snack first.

A much shorter speech by Senator Denise Batters, but she was no less effective in conveying her message: Government should not be normalising emergency measures.

I was able to find some solace in Heather Heying’s article this week on her Substack: Natural Selections.

“We are living in a landscape of division, othering, and dehumanization. Some are offered treats, and not only do they readily accept those treats, they too often cannot be made to see that the treats themselves are being used to divide. Resistance is necessary. Whatever else you believe to be true, there is no version of reality in which acquiescence to the dehumanization of some part of society is okay. We must resist, in the ways that we can. To that end, let’s give them all a giant game of Whack-a-Mole to contend with.”

Enjoy the article in its entirety here:

I was swept away to my teenage years this week, when hearing of the passing of Mark Lanegan. The 90s grunge scene and the music world as a whole mourns the loss of the accomplished solo artist and former singer of Screaming Trees and Queens of the Stone Age, who passed away in his home at 57.

With his iconic gruff voice and flaming red hair, he will be remembered for the passion he brought not just to his music, but everything he did. I find this quote of his sums that up quite nicely.

May he rest in peace with his no longer absent friends. 💜

Take a few minutes to watch a video made by Grunge on YouTube, in tribute to Mark and his struggles:

Here in Canada the fight for freedom from medical tyranny continues, no matter how ineffectual or ignored by our media outlets.

Are there protests happening where you live, and if so, what are they for?

5 thoughts on “This Week in Canada”

  1. I have never been so involved in politics as I am now. I watched all the parliament and senate debates as much as I could. I had it running in the background at work. I listed to that entire speech, and it was fantastic. JT knew he was in trouble, so he did a complete about-face. Either because he was going to lose in the senate, or because business and banks complained. We’ll never know, because JT is the king of deceit.

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    1. I couldn’t agree more, he is THE wolf in sheep’s clothing. I have always wondered what the point of the senate really was, but now I get it. It’s a crazy time to be alive, that is for sure!

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      1. Now I’m worried about all the bills they’re trying to pass while we’re distracted by Russia/Ukraine. I have to email the MPs and senators about this now, too.

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      2. Exactly! Bill c-36 should see JT facing some repercussions for his speech surrounding the convoy and those who choose not to be vaccinated, but we know that’s not going to happen 🙄. But Bills S233 (for universal basic income and the social credit system) and C10 (eliminating alternative media, allowing government to further censor the internet) are the most dangerous of all. But everyone is too busy adorning their social media with Ukraine flags to look at what’s happening. Don’t get me wrong, I feel terribly for the Ukrainian people, but Canadians are incapable of caring about more than one thing at a time, it seems, and the government/media knows it.

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