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Anne Rice’s The Witching Hour in Quotes

A Peachy Books MEme Collection in tribute to Anne Rice.

For those that might be interested in giving Anne Rice’s The Witching Hour a read, or even for old fans of the The Mayfair Witches, like me, I’ve compiled a list of memorable quotes that I’d recently shared over my social media platforms on Facebook and Instagram. Feel free to follow me on either of these spaces to get first access to memes before they make it to the blog!

One of the truths that still crushes me about humanity, as I am continually made aware of it in daily life.

At first glance I found this one a bit snobby, but after reflection I recognise it highlights that even though knowledge is power, someone lacking in knowledge could pose an unpredictable danger.

It’s so important to stay aware of our surroundings, to enjoy the beauty of nature and community, but also to keep vigilant of the dangers that sadly do exist, sometimes in the most unexpected of places.

I enjoy Anne Rice’s cunning insight into the human experience, and appreciate the way she marries it with her supernatural beings.

I found solace in this quote which reminds me that both light and darkness are to be found at our core, and that we have the power to live and learn through them equally.

Beautiful and profound, not unlike the Mayfair family’s jade necklace, I thought I’d end The Witching Hour MEme Collection with this salient quotation from Anne Rice, about the interplay between darkness and light.

Words of advice for writers from the late, great Anne Rice

Is there an author whose writing advice you appreciate?

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