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Musical Mondays | Doreen Ketchens: Queen Clarinet

With all of this Anne Rice talk, I’ve got New Orleans on my mind. I would love to share with you this Monday morning the heart of the French Quarter, one of New Orleans’ musical marvels: Doreen Ketchens.

Silhouette of a musician in the background playing an alto clarinet with the backdrop of a crimson sky, with the quote by Doreen Ketchens a k a Queen Clarinet that says: Along your travelings you find people who don't speak your language, but everybody understands the music. Maybe they don't understand it as in-depth as the next person, but they understand the groove.

Doreen’s Jazz Band typically busks for her many fans out in her city’s streets but has travelled the world to share her incredible mastery for the clarinet with a wide array of adoring jazz enthusiasts.

As someone who has never enjoyed this throaty woodwind instrument, especially after many a Greek wedding with endless solos at obscene volumes, I completely changed my mind after coming across a video of Doreen playing her heart out on Royal Street.

One day, when I finally get the chance to go and fulfill my lifelong dream of visiting New Orleans, tracking down Queen Clarinet will be first on my itinerary.

To see Doreen’s Jazz Band perform The House of the Rising Sun visit YouTube here:

Visit Doreen’s performance with the Louisiana Philharmonic here:

To support Doreen’s work please visit her website here.

Have you ever been to New Orleans?

Do you enjoy the clarinet? What’s your favourite instrument to listen to live?

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