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Nothing To See Here, They’re Just Broken

ACE(s) For The Win!

An observational study conducted in Wales on citizenry over eighteen and published in the peer-reviewed medical journal BMJ Open has discovered that people who had suffered from childhood trauma were three times more likely to be vaccine-hesitant than those who had not.

Upon reading this news through one of our local mainstream channels, I actually agreed – wonder of wonders! I had come to a similar conclusion over a year ago, whilst watching the people in my life withdraw to their various corners. As I will explain later, there are specific reasons why I believe this to be so.

I will not deny that I was slightly confused; why would the media be reporting on such data when it might elicit compassion and understanding instead of the ‘othering’ that has been commonplace within our corporate media channels since the advent of these ‘vaccines’?

Then something occurred to me, reporting on these conclusions was never intended to help people understand their fellow man better at all. The true intent was to treat those trauma sufferers as ignorant scapegoats.

I have to hand it to them, though, this is the most covert and insidious form of othering I have seen yet, and there has been a shit-tonne of it here in Canada. 

Nothing to see here! Their mistrust is explainable; they haven’t any valid points or information. Do not bother listening to them, they are broken and should take some pharmaceutical concoction to fix that up, tout de suite!

The BMJ Open study shows how those with high ACE (adverse childhood experiences) scores are the most likely to suffer hesitancy surrounding the COVID restrictions and mistrust the narrative.

Shout out to my fellow damaged souls with 10/10’s! Who doesn’t love to ace a test? (pun and sarcasm intended) Given the progressive Oppression Olympics that society is now so fond of, you would think we would get some respect or at least a medal, but I digress.

If you ask me, they see this correlation as a means to explain away why we renegades are anti-authority, a flaw due to our troubled pasts. I don’t see this as a flaw or a loss, but actually a win. Some may choose to perceive us differently, but I don’t see us as being broken, as much as being learned in the ways of abusers, and therefore we know them when we see them.

I don’t accept this invalidation of lived experience now, any more than I did when I was 11. When raised with gaslighting and manipulation – the same tactics being used by our world leaders and government bodies throughout this pandemic especially – it makes you aware of what is happening and compelled to expose it. More importantly, when you spend your childhood fending for yourself, once an adult, you have a profound and fierce desire to protect your loved ones, especially the children. 

There is positivity to be found in the harm that I had suffered at the hands of my early authorities. My experiences have helped me to see what others less damaged have been willing to accept without question.

Many Canadians are properly trained to be polite, do as their told, follow orders, and never question authority. Those who come from homes without the experiences noted in this study are eager to do so, since given their history they feel secure that there is someone to trust at the helm. As happy as I am for these people, I now recognise that this luxury comes at a price, as it can produce blinders, and I appreciate having a keen vision.

As someone with PTSD, I tend to be hypervigilant, acutely aware of any danger and have cultivated an intense instinct for recognising ‘bull-shitters’ and fakery. This survival skill has served me well throughout life, and as such, I don’t consider this pejorative nor a reason to disregard what I have to say.

With the world settling into its binary formation, both sides seem to be observing themselves as the light and accusing their perceived enemies on the opposing side of the dark. Why does it have to be this way?

When did we stop hearing each other? Who enjoys living in this world where people retreat to their bunkers and toss grenades at members of their own family? Why do people find it easier to invalidate their neighbour when their experiences and individual choices do not align?

I thought this new world was a place where people were free to have their own thoughts, practice their religion, and maintain the right to make whatever decisions were best for them and their families without fear of medical tyranny. Why did we build this new world if only to follow deceptive leaders that try to drag us back to the old?

Irrespective of this study, I have observed some people whom I know have suffered early childhood trauma that have taken the opposite approach, who are first in line to follow the unscientific, and in many cases, incomprehensible restrictions the government has foisted upon us. This is likely because of the fight/flight/freeze response that becomes activated when we sense danger. As part of our reptilian brain, this innate response is present within all humans, whether they were traumatised as children or left unscathed. Some people layer up and fight, some flee to hide their heads in the snow, and some simply freeze and let the avalanche come down on them. 

We could (and should) be having an open discourse about which of these responses is the more helpful and safe of the lot, as they are unique to every individual. No one person is more important than another, regardless of their education, wealth, and no matter what the brainwashing media – bought and paid for with 600 million of our tax dollars – says at the behest of our tyrannical government. 

Everyone’s voice deserves to be heard so that the truth can reign supreme, that is what freedom looks like. When you suppress Canadians’ voices and take away their rights, we no longer live in the free society that our ancestors fought so hard for us to enjoy. 

Shaming, belittling, gaslighting, and invalidation are tools of a tyrant. Our current revolution against medical tyranny is a wake-up call to all of the brave souls that make up this great land!

If we, the people, do not come together and honestly discuss the views of ALL Canadians regarding our once strong and free land soon, the next time we do so, we will be in chains.

Gaslighting Meme that says: Gaslighting is a means of manipulation that wishes to make someone doubt reality, and is used as a tactic to gain power and control. They deny they've said or done something even though you have proof. They turn others against you to take away your support system. They dismiss your legitimate concerns. Their actions don't match their words. They call you crazy. They claim you said or did something you didn't do.

Had you heard any news reporting on the recent BMJ Open study, and if so, what did you think of the results?

Are there vaccine mandates instituted in your country? If so, what do you feel about them?

8 thoughts on “Nothing To See Here, They’re Just Broken”

  1. Thoughtfully said.

    My childhood was full of those ACEs and PTSD is my primary life companion. But like you point out, adversity is a gift. There are no problems, only opportunities. We have survival skills that many folks do not. We’ve been through the “worst case scenario” and know better than anyone what’s at stake. And we’ve looked evil straight in the eyes. We know it from across the room. As you point out, our hypervigilance keeps us safer than the average person. Far from being “damaged goods,” rather, we’re superheroes. We survived the unsurvivable, made it out alive, and can do it again if we need to.

    What I find often most difficult is that general perception of being “damaged goods” that potential friends find off-putting. Such perceptions invalidate everything about us. We’re automatically irrational, deluded, and hysterical. And utter helpless victims. Yet as you point out, when it comes to vaccines, the victim-lovers on the left will use our very “victim” status against us. Thus we can’t win, and are marginalized.

    And that binary-ism, I think, was always with us. The two sides, for a while, seemed to be trying harder than usual to play nice. But there’s a difference between merely “tolerating” someone you don’t like, and unconditionally loving them regardless. When pressed, one’s true nature inevitably comes out. This last two years of pressure has revealed what we really think and who we really are. These divisions go back sometimes hundreds of years.

    Today it seems folks are tired of playing nice only to see the people they secretly hate prosper.

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    1. Thank you. Although I’m not happy to hear that you suffered in your childhood, it’s nice to hear that you also recognise the benefits that such turmoil can bring.

      It has taken me four decades to realise, and I’m not even fully there, that when others may look down on me for my reality it has to do with them and their own perceptions of the world and nothing to do with me.

      I completely agree that the two sides have always existed. I think propaganda has also always been present, but I think it’s the pervasiveness of it currently, due to the internet, social media, AI, coupled with a an agenda being pushed by the globalists, that has it reaching this apex. Throw in the isolation experienced throughout this pandemic – of their own making – and we have a powder keg. Their hope is that the people will just fall in line with fear, but they didn’t realise we weren’t as frightened as them.

      On the positive side, this conflict amongst the people might be what is needed to really effect change. Here in Ontario it just seemed everyone was wasting away in apathy, so hating their neighbour might help them to see what is happening and actually get mad enough to do something about it. Here’s hoping, anyway, lol.

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      1. “The only constant is change.” This mantra has been a small source of comfort through all this. There was a “before” and there will be an “after” and what I think about it in the meantime probably means little in the grand scheme.

        You reminded me of when I worked in corporate-owned news media. “No bad press” was said a lot, meaning that as long as they were talking about you, in any light, then you still had relevance. If people are still arguing over something, then it still matters to them. Debate is good, dialogue is better than silence, discussion leads to understanding, and understanding diminishes anger and hatred.

        We’ve gone so far into the side of anger and hatred that it’s destroying us from the inside out. Been getting a ton of flack these days when I speak to love; that means only one thing: I’m over target.

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      2. Indeed! This too shall pass. The pendulum of life will keep on swinging, haha. Keep up the good fight, your legwork is needed. 💜


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