A crochet work sock style blanket with a buffalo plaid trapper hat, and two Canada-themed board books, photographed on red fabric with white maple leafs pattered across it, with a backdrop of the Canadian North in the Winter at a chalet, says: 'It's Canada Day! Visit peachybooks.ca to see a sweet list of Canadian board books for babies!'
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Canadian Baby Board Books

My dear cousins are expecting a baby girl next month, and we are so excited! I put together a Canadian Baby Basket for them that should see their little sweetie stay toasty warm, and occupied, for ice fishing and when cheering Daddy on at his hockey games.

The basket contains a snowsuit, a crochet blanket and hat that I made, a newborn hat that my son made with a knitting loom, and a stack of books! Books are the best gifts you can give a new baby, in my opinion.

I’ve created a list of some great recommendations for Canada-themed board books for those wishing to put together a Canadian Baby Basket of their own. The Ice Hockey book from this basket is the first entry!

Porcupine Pete’s Sports Corner – Ice Hockey by Ben Whitehouse

This adorable little book will be your baby’s introduction to hockey, as, alongside the cute pictures, there is a basic outline of the game within. It might be a bit much for their comprehension before they can talk, but when you’re Canadian, you’re never too young to learn about hockey! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Why I Love Canada: Celebrating Canada, in children’s very own words by Daniel Howarth

Babies, children, and parents alike will adore this inspirational collection of sentiments and artwork from the hearts of Canadian children, inspired by the question of why they love Canada.

Board book cover with a bear and his cub canoeing down a Canadian lake, entitled ABC of Canada

ABC of Canada by Kim Bellefontaine, illustrated by Per-Henrik Gurth

An alphabetical listing, A through Z, of all typical things Canadiana, with some adorable artwork that will keep the little ones smiling and reaching for the pages.

Scholastic Early Learners: Touch and Feel Canadian Animals

Canadian Animals will help baby explore their senses, as it shows them bright images of textured creatures that they can reach out and touch.

Canada in Colours book cover showing Canadian Character animals (a moose and a beaver) playing in the falling autumn coloured leaves

Canada in Colours by Per-Henrik Gurth

A visually stimulating book for babies, filled with bold and simple, distinctly Canadian images, sharing the vibrancy of the colours of Canada on every page.

Do you know of a board book about Canada that you think should be on this list? I love comments, and would be interested in hearing about it!

5 thoughts on “Canadian Baby Board Books”

  1. I can’t offer any suggestions for the books, but the ones you have sound adorable. And that basket is precious. I especially love the little Canadian flag on the hat ๐Ÿ™‚

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