Friday Favourites Meme on Peachy Books: Top 5 Stunning YA Book Covers in blues and pinks
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Friday Favourites: Top 5 Stunning YA Book Covers

Friday Favourites Meme on Peachy Books: Top 5 Stunning YA Book Covers in blues and pinks

Although a cover isn’t everything, there is no question that it can attract or repel a reader. These are the YA covers that stopped me in my tracks and left me stunned by their beauty. It should also be noted that given the genres of these books, I wouldn’t likely have found them if not for their artwork.

Book Cover for A Sky Painted Gold by Laura Wood, coloured in purple and gold, showing the back view of a longhaired woman wading in the middle of a ring of water, looking up into the sky.

Simple yet majestic, with a deep eggplant purple, richly gilded, this cover mesmerised me when I first saw it. I wanted to reach through the screen and touch it, trace my fingers along the texture of its depressions.

A Sky Painted Gold has received some high praise from a wide audience, so I’m hopeful it will be a win for me. This YA historical fiction offering from Laura Wood purports to be perfect for fans of the YA classic I Capture The Castle, and reminiscent of Gatsby; now, that’s a mix, I’m intrigued!

With moonlight cocktail parties and glamour in abundance at the grand Cardew House, our young writer will forge her way in this coming-of-age tale. Have you read this one? Let me know what you thought.

Book cover for The Ten Thousand Doors of January, showing a detailed brass door handle on a black door covered in a border of colourful flowers of all hues and size.

Would you take a look at that gorgeous cover, WOW. Flowers always look beautiful, but when they are emboldened by a black background it just seems to make the colours POP. And who wouldn’t love the fine detail of that brass door handle, its knob an intricate mandala.

“The will to be polite, to maintain civility and normalcy, is fearfully strong. I wonder sometimes how much evil is permitted to run unchecked simply because it would be rude to interrupt it.”
― Alix E. HarrowThe Ten Thousand Doors of January

Historical fiction meets fantasy is not something I’ve read much of, but I’m in! I’m especially giddy after finding the above quote, which I happen to want to shout from the rooftops. The Ten Thousand Doors of January is sure to be original for my reading experience, so I’m moving it up my list.

Book Cover for Unwritten by Alicia J. Novo that says: 'For some the only the beginning, showing a metal nibbed dip pen with a plume of smoke bursting off the end and showing a city scape with a full moon glowing above it as part of the smoke.

Imaginations ignite when you scan this cover and see the mystical cityscape dwarfed by the full moon backdrop, all expelled and afloat from the nib of a dip pen.

Unwritten is book #1 of the Zweeshen Chronicles, written by Alicia J. Novo. Beatrix Alba, our bullied heroine brings us a story about books, with magic, high fantasy, and romance intermingled. I look forward to getting lost in this enchanting world.

Book Cover for The Between showing a girl running across a twisted big ben style clock that seems to be shooting up into the clouds, as though set askew because of a natural disaster or scifi occurence.

Confusion strikes me when taking in David Hofmeyr’s cover for this sci-fi dystopian thriller, every time I see it. I can’t comprehend all of the impossible things happening at once, so I freeze. With a tilt of the head, a little willing suspension of disbelief, and an admiring eye for aesthetics, this awe-inspiring cover has made the list.

Ana Moon is our seventeen year old heroine of The Between, and has the misfortune of watching her best friend get taken by a terrifying beast, during a shocking train crash. In search of answers that will bring her friend home, she joins forces with the mysterious Malik and his clan.

Book Cover for The Fire Keeper's Daughter showing indigenous artwork with two female faces coming together like a butterly, with flames below them, and birds flanking the flames.

Take the time to digest the stunning artistry here. The artwork for the Firekeeper’s daughter is bold, intuitive, and evocative of the beautiful imagery of mythology and lives passed. With Angeline Boulley’s cover I especially love the butterfly created with the convergence of the women’s faces. Of the bunch, this is definitely my favourite.

Daunis Fontaine, is an outcast both in her home town and the neighbouring Ojibwe reserve, because of her mixed race, as well as a scandal. Amongst these ever present issues our heroine must care for her ailing mother whilst protecting her community, after witnessing a startling murder. This mystery novel has received mixed reviews, so I have no idea what to expect, but am looking forward to it anyway.

7 thoughts on “Friday Favourites: Top 5 Stunning YA Book Covers”

  1. Nice! I have a “thing” about covers too – and I see SO many that all seem to have come from the same commercial designer. I’m at the point that if the cover has a female figure with no face, or from the rear, in soft-focus, I will not read the book! I’ll make an exception for “Sky Painted Gold,” because at first I thought she was a bee… 😉 You might like this one too… – I’m kinda proud of it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s shocking how basic things have become. There aren’t enough dollars allotted for artwork when it comes to publishing most books, I suppose.


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